Gallary Contains Our Instituion Pictures , Our Workshop Pictures , And What Instuments We Have With The Pictures Of Our Computer Lab.

Ac Indution Moter Drive Alternator 1 Alternator 2 Capaciter Start COMPUTER LAB D.C Compound Moter D.C Compound motor With Brake D.C Compound Series With Brake D.C Generater Set D.C Generator Set D.C moter Drive D.C Series Motor ELECTRICIAN WORKSHOP FITTER WORKSHOP 1 FITTER WORKSHOP Picture Picture 277 Picture 286 Picture 288 Picture 289 Picture 290 Slip Ring Induction Motor class room ELECTRICIAN WORKSHOP FITTER WORKSHOP LIBRARY Picture 291 Picture 293 Picture 294 Picture 295 Picture 296 Picture 297 Picture 298 Picture 299 Picture 300 Picture 301 Picture 302 Picture 303 Picture 304 PRINCIPAL ROOM work shop01

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